You are not alone

We know making the decision and taking that first step can be extremely difficult. We can help.

Alpha House

Providing a Safe Space and Ongoing Support

Alpha House is a year-long program for women and their children leaving an abusive relationship. We provide protective and affordable fully furnished housing; individual and group counselling for women and all age appropriate children; family counselling; support and advocacy; family activities; children’s summer activity programming; follow up counselling and support.

Our mandate is to not only provide a safe place for families to live while transitioning away from violence, but to work closely with the families to break the cycle of violence. We help women to build their self-confidence and self-reliance so that they can live independently and flourish as examples to themselves, their children and other women. We give children an opportunity to work through their feelings and to develop healthy coping skills and the ability to trust.

The actual number of women caught in abusive intimate relationships is close to


The number of families in need that have turned to Alpha House to move their lives in a new direction


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Our Success Depends on you

The five year vision for Alpha House Project is to completely refurbish the building and have a replacement plan in place for larger maintenance issues; provide a more ‘home-like’ atmosphere for residents; grow the programs offered and staff facilitating them; and to expand either by purchasing and running another property or moving to a larger location.

Break the Cycle

We know it’s not going to be easy, but if you’re committed to making this positive change in your life and the lives of your children then we’re committed to doing everything in our power to make sure that you’re equipped to succeed.

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